The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead [now in it’s third season] is a show adapted from graphic novels (or comic books, for the artistically impaired). Although I have not read the graphic novels, many people I share the love of this show with have, and say it [after the middle of the first season] holds pretty well to the story line.

I will not spoil this show for you, as it is one of my favorites. The premise is that of life through the zombie apocalypse. This show skimps not on any budget, makeup, or artistic quality. With a high suspense and gore ratio, this show leaves nothing to be wanted. I often do not follow many shows very long, but this show has kept me captivated sense the moment I decided to watch it.

I did not start like a true beginner. I watched the entire first season on Netflix [where it still awaits you, if you partake] and then started the second season by watching on AMC. They are about to end the third season this month, and have a huge following, which will not surprise you upon watching a few episodes. I encourage anyone to start from the beginning to get the true emotion and suspense of the program.

I can not tell you much more besides how excellent it is, due to wanting to never ruin the suspense for anyone, EVER. What I can tell you is situations include everything from impending walkers, to missing children, family being saved after being turned, human sacrifice for your own salvation, the other living trying to overtake you, and the accidental shooting of family members.

If you choose to pick up this show, and are a true fan of realistic suspense horror, you will not be dissapointed. The Walking Dead is a show that ignited my love of following basic cable TV again like I thought could never happen. I can not stress how well the makeup, cinematography, and acting draws together a great and enticing show for all [over the age of 14 – at the very least] to enjoy.

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