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You Can’t Escape (Reviewed by Lisa Marie Bowman)

Remember that old game where you would go up to a stranger’s house, ring the doorbell, and then run off?  It’s one of those simple games that really shouldn’t be that much fun and yet, strangely, it is.  The thrill of the game really doesn’t come from the fact that you’re making someone open the […]

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The Railway Carriage (reviewed by Lisa Marie Bowman)

Tick…tick…tick… When I think about The Railway Carriage, a 10 minute short film of psychological horror, the thing that sticks in my mind is the sound of a metronome ticking away. Tick…tick…tick…. That metronome is one of a number of things that can be found in the mysterious railway carriage in which this film takes […]

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Three Films From Jeremiah Kipp: Berenice, Minions, and Painkiller (reviewed by Lisa Marie Bowman)

I recently had the chance to view three short horror films that were directed by Jeremiah Kipp.  Before I get into the specifics of each film, let me just say that I recommend all three of them.  As a director, Kipp does a good job of building and maintaining the proper atmosphere of dread that’s necessary […]

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The Drifter (reviewed by Lisa Marie Bowman)

Michael Roberts is a man with problems. He’s an unhappy man who, as the short film The Drifter begins, is stuck in a dying town.  He’s haunted by his abusive childhood. He’s tortured by memories and fears.  When he sleeps, he has nightmares that are as jarring and loud as Michael is deceptively low-key.  When […]