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The Demon (reviewed by Lisa Marie Bowman)

Recently, I decided to watch one of the films included in my “50 Chilling Classics of Horror” DVD box set from Mill Creek.  Mill Creek box sets are beloved by lovers of old school horror films like me, largely because they’re full of the type of low-budget and often forgotten public domain films that we […]

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Bates Motel 2.5 “The Escape Artist” (Reviewed by Lisa Marie Bowman)

After I posted my extremely laudatory review of last week’s episode of Bates Motel, I received a very interesting comment on Facebook from the veteran horror director and screenwriter Alan Ormsby.  (Among Ormsby’s screenplays: the excellent Deathdream and  Deranged, a film inspired by Ed Gein who, as any Psycho fan knows, also inspired Robert Bloch to first create Norman Bates.) In his comment, Ormsby pointed out something […]