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Satan’s Coming For You (reviewed by Lisa Marie Bowman)

This weekend, I viewed a 20 minute short film called Satan’s Coming For You and wow, is it ever disturbing. Incidentally, that’s not meant to be a complaint.  As someone who loves to watch (and review) horror movies and who has has been known to relax with a volume of true crime, one thing that […]

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Three Films From Jeremiah Kipp: Berenice, Minions, and Painkiller (reviewed by Lisa Marie Bowman)

I recently had the chance to view three short horror films that were directed by Jeremiah Kipp.  Before I get into the specifics of each film, let me just say that I recommend all three of them.  As a director, Kipp does a good job of building and maintaining the proper atmosphere of dread that’s necessary […]

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Volumes of Blood (reviewed by Lisa Marie Bowman)

One of the best things about being an independent film reviewer is that you get the chance to try and make sure that good films don’t end up flying under the radar.  Let’s face it — hundreds of worthy films are made every year but many of them never get the attention that they deserve. […]

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Unfriended (Reviewed by Lisa Marie Bowman)

Unfriended is the best horror film of 2015 so far. That may seem like a bold statement, considering that Unfriended – while receiving generally positive reviews – has not gotten half of the attention or acclaim that’s been given to It Follows.  As well,Unfriended is a variation on the found footage genre and, as we all know, found footage usually equals […]

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It Follows (reviewed by Lisa Marie Bowman)

  Is It Follows really as good as everyone is saying? That’s actually a very legitimate question.  It Follows is one of the most critically acclaimed horror films in recent years.  It’s been described as being a “game changer” and as being one of the best films of 2015 so far.  But, as we all know, just because a film has […]

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