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HorrorCritic.com is Looking for Writers

Do you have a passion for the macabre?  Can’t wait for the latest horror movie to come to theaters or DVD?  Do you enjoy talking to your friends about horror?  Maybe you like writing down your gruesome opinions in that locked up Book of the Dead you carry around?  If so, then we need you […]

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Attention: Independent Film Makers

Do you want your independent horror film reviewed here on HorrorCritic.com? No matter how big or how small your budget is, your film can be professionally reviewed here by one of the web’s best film critics, Lisa Marie Bowman. For a small fee of only $20, Lisa will view and give your film an unbiased […]

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Holocaust 2000 (reviewed by Lisa Marie Bowman)

Earlier this morning, while suffering from an annoyingly persistent case of insomnia, I decided to spend 2 hours watching a classic Italian horror film, Alberto De Martino’s oddly effective Omen rip-off, Holocaust 2000. In Holocaust 2000, Kirk Douglas plays a businessman who wants to build a gigantic nuclear power plant in the Middle East.  There are a few problems with […]

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